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Jurassic World

>> Saturday, June 13, 2015

For the first time in forever (that's a Frozen reference for those keeping count), I found myself in a situation where I was able to do something sans kids with my husband. He asked what I wanted to do and I told him that I wanted to see Jurassic World. He glared at me in disbelief for about 10 seconds before he realized I was serious.

And so we went.

The thing about Jurassic World is that you can't over analyze it. This is not a movie that's intended to answer your deep and realistic questions about the possibility of DNA harvesting and a prehistoric theme park. It's a movie about dinosaurs. And the target audience is me. I was totally into it. I loved Chris Pratt as the lead and I officially intend on watching him in every movie from here on out. He has that "it" movie stars should strive to have. The plot was entertaining, the casting was decent, the dinosaurs were awesome and it was two hours of wonderful mindless entertainment. What else do you want from this franchise?

To me, Jurassic World delivered. I enjoyed it more than the 2nd and 3rd installments - but as I told my husband; all it did was make me nostalgic for Jurassic Park 1. That remains a classic to me. The way they ran from that T-Rex. The way it smashed the top of the jeep, the way it only sensed motion. Remember? The only thing missing in Jurassic World was Jeff Goldblum. Something about the way he says "must go faster , must go faster" , adds a certain dry humor to the action scenes that is timeless. Though really, Chris Pratt was awesome. I commend the guy for being so watchable and for delivering cheesy lines without any effort. He made me chuckle.

Anyway- if you're going to watch Jurassic World and ask all kinds of questions (like "why did the raptors become tame?" or "why did the raptors willing go into a squeeze machine?" or "why do these people keep making the same mistakes again?" or "why would anyone go into a land full of dinosaurs armed with nothing more than a taser gun?") - then this movie isn't for you. If you want to see Chris Pratt being awesome, dinosaurs chomping around in a pretend world, have a predictable ending with awesome visual effects, go see JW. If you want to be entertained, go see it.

And on a totally unrelated note, more Milestones promotions coming your way. Tell all your friends!!

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Milestones 3 (Ever after) is available for purchase.....and my mom still treats me like I'm five.

>> Saturday, June 6, 2015

First things first, Milestones 3 is available for purchase anywhere and everywhere so please go out and buy a copy. And tell all your friends. I need all the promotion I can get, because this is the last book in the series, which means you're either reading it or you're not - and in a few months, all of these books will collect dust somewhere on a shelf and now I'm depressing myself so I'll stop this ridiculous run on sentence.

Next, I feel the need to mention that my mom still treats me like a kid. I'm not a kid. I'm a woman. I'm 35. I have two kids of my own. I have a spouse. I have a job. I burn the midnight oil and pay bills with the best of 'em. And the other day, I was in a very important meeting at my very important work and my iphone was sitting face up on the desk in front of me. Here I was, trying to be all professional, and in my peripheral vision, I can see that my mom is texting me.

"Where are you?"

I don't answer. I'm supposed to be concentrating. I'm nodding my head and being serious. Making eye contact with my superiors. I'm interested in what they have to say.

"You haven't texted all morning. I'm getting worry".

That's how she speaks by the way. English isn't her first language so her "mom-isms" are things I no longer pay attention to. I still don't respond. Another 3 texts go by. My phone is literally blowing up right in front of me.

Just when I think she gets the hint and the texts stop for a minute, she surprises me, by calling me. Thank GOD my phone is on silent. Seriously. I'm trying not to watch my phone as the lady in the meeting continues to tell me very important things. I've been at my new job for only a few weeks by the way; I haven't quite reached the level of "Excuse me for a second, my mom is blowing up my phone".

So I ignore it. I ignore her. And I pay attention to the lady. She keeps talking. And I keep nodding. I have no clue what she's saying anymore.

Another phone call. Then another. She's just calling until it goes to voicemail and then hanging up and calling again.

OH. MY. God.

I can't concentrate. So I finally say something, "I'm so sorry. I don't mean to be rude. I'm getting a lot of texts and phone calls from..... my, uh, mom. I think she may be worried about me --- " (I pause long enough for my mind to wonder how I even got here) --- "I'll just text her back real fast and then I'm all yours. So sorry. So so sorry."

They understand. They were all mothers too. But then I realize that the way they are looking at me went from me being an equal, to me being someone's child. The dynamic has changed. I may as well be wearing diapers and sucking on a pacifier at this point.


Silence on her end.

It's over. She gets it.

The meeting continues.

Oh no wait. It's not over. My eye catches the light again.

"Sami, that sound nothing like you. Are you ok? I'm really really worry."

I don't answer back. By this point, I'm laughing. Screw professionalism. I'm laughing because I'm thinking (from a mother's standpoint now) of all the ridiculous scenarios she's dreaming up in her head. Why did I write in caps? Why didn't I just text like I normally do. Why didn't I just say, "Mom, quit blowing up my phone. I'm alive. I'm in a meeting and you're killing me??"

She sends another text.

"I know something is wrong!!!!!! I am going to die of a heart attack until you call me!! Please call me!!!"

Oh yah. We've reached rock bottom. She's gone in a full fledged panic. I've been here before. At the ages of 7, 8, 10, 14 and every year in between (and every year after). And I know her. I've been raised by her. Two more minutes and someone from the back office is going to barge into my important meeting and announce that my mother is calling for me. Ten more minutes and she'll barge in herself, all disheveled and panicked. Twenty minutes and she'll have the police behind her. And this will all somehow be my fault. I have to act now. So I do.

I apologize again. I tell the people in the meeting that I have to step out and call her for a small moment. I don't know how to explain that my text to her completely backfired. So I don't bother to explain. I just say I have to go. They say they understand. I have no clue if they do. I just leave.

So I call her.

Have you ever had that moment with your parents where they pick up the phone and don't let you actually get a word in for like a full 10 minutes? I dial, she answers and bam, "OH. MY. GOD, I've been worried SICK! You have NO idea what you've put me through. I thought someone kidnapped you! Or you got in a car accident OR,.....OR.....OR...."

And I'm trying to wiggle my way into this conversation and all I can say is, "Mom. Mom. Mom. Stop talking. Mom. Mom." I put my phone down for a second. I'm 35 . Seriously. I'm 35 years old. "Mom. Mom. Mom. MOM. MOM!"

Doesn't matter. She keeps going. And I love her for it. I'm so frustrated, exasperated, appalled but also amazed. 35 years and her world still revolves around me. She's my mom. We've all got one. And this one is mine. She made me.

Go buy Milestones, 1, 2 and 3 (Ever after).

My Persian mom couldn't care less about them and will never read this blog, but go buy it. You may actually like the story.

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Milestones, ever after is out

Hurry up and go buy your copy! Anywhere that books are sold. If you're an online type of person, go to Amazon and search for Milestones, ever after by SA hodges.

And while you're are it, check out

So awesome right??????

More blogging to come later today...

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The end is finally here.....

>> Thursday, June 4, 2015

After 6 long and lovely years (that's right, this has been a six year project for me), the last installment of the Milestones series will be released TOMORROW.

I seriously cannot believe it.

It's finally here. (insert surprised emoji here).

You can get your copy of Milestones, Ever after, ANYWHERE that sells books, tomorrow, on 6/5/2015. That means amazon, iTunes, barnes and nobles, google, etc, etc, (but seriously, what else is there?).

So please do! And then let me know your thoughts. Let me know what you liked, what you didn't like, and whether it all ended up just like you had imagined. For those of you who were waiting for this, who emailed me asking for updates, and who've sent me letters, THANK YOU. I owe you a signed copy of whatever you want, so email me and it's yours. I truly appreciate you.

I'll try to put a picture up of the cover tomorrow. I can't seem to make it work tonight.

More blogging tomorrow....on the big day....Tell your friends! Share it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Whatever you like.

Ps. A big thank you to my publisher for holding off until just the right time to release Milestones, Ever after. School's officially out for summer which means it's summer camp time, which means....READ MILESTONES!!

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Saved by the Bell cast on Jimmy Fallon

>> Saturday, February 7, 2015

Just when I didn't think I could like Jimmy Fallon more than I already do, he somehow managed to get the cast of Saved By the Bell together for a small reunion. I think the whole 30-40 something year old world has seen it by now, but just in case you haven't, take a look here:

Now tell me you weren't smiling the entire time. You were , weren't you? So funny. So clever. This video got 19 million views in the first day. That doesn't suprise me one bit. Here are my random thoughts:

1- How come these people don't age? They could all still pass for their teenage characters. Either they have an excellent makeup team or they are very friendly with botulinum toxin.

2- Why does Mark Paul Gosselar (sp?) look so awkward? I'm telling myself it's because he's trying not to laugh. There are definitely a few times where it seemed it like they were all having a very hard time keeping it together. But Zack Morris looked super nervous to me. It was a little like pulling teeth wasn't it?

3- On the flip side, Mario Lopez IS A.C. Slater. Isn't he? He felt the most effortless to me. Like he just picked up where the show left off. I can't decide if it's because that's his personality of if he's just that good of an actor.

4- I love these characters!! This little bit just made me want to watch all the seasons all over again. What a great show.

5- I really do enjoy Jimmy Fallon. I love that he's always game for a good time and I find him extremely talented. He's kind of a jack of all trades, isn't he? I love how good he's become at making people laugh. And I love how he's truly changed television for the better (ahem, kardashians).

Such a fun time. Like many of you, I grew up on Saved by the Bell. I watched all the seasons, including the college season and I was ridicously happy when Zack and Kelly finally got married.

Thanks Jimmy Fallon. This was awesome.

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Some exciting news on the horizon....

>> Saturday, January 24, 2015

Back to the blog....!!

Some exciting Milestones news is coming up very soon. I'm trying to fix glitches on this blog, and may even have a new website to show you.....

Stay tuned.....

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Download Milestones 2 for free!

>> Saturday, February 22, 2014

Blogging from my phone so this will be a super short post. I had to share though that for a limited time only (one day in fact), Milestones 2 (Return to Camp) is free to download on kindle! Tell all your friends,
Post it on every social media site you own and make sure to download it too! Click here:

Am diligently working on Milestones 3 and hoping for a spring release. More blogging to come soon!
Have lots to share,

Thanks for your support!!

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